Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Goals, Trailers and Tiaras

1. So I'm dying to unveil the trailer of Runes (book #1) next week on Monday. It was created by California Videoworks, owned by a duo of very talented graphic designers.

2. Immortals (book #2 in the Runes series) is with my editor. I deserve a tiara for that

3. I'm back working on Forgotten, the next Guardian Legacy book. I'm 1/4 done. All I can say is poor Lil.

4. For those who read my contemporary romance, Chase's story is full of surprises. No, poor unsuspecting female who wonders in his ranch.

4. Before the year is over, I'll have book #3 of the Runes series done and possible a new NA story whose characters are driving me nuts. I refuse to listen to them until I finish my present WIPs.

5. Winner of the Spring Fling which ended yesterday is Lisa Vasquez.... Congrats, Lisa. I hope you got my e-mail.

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