Saturday, March 30, 2013

TORIN'S POV: First Meeting #Runes #romance #paranormal #mytholgy @yaednah_walters


The second I turned off the Harley, I felt it—essence so strong the hairs on my skin rose. Hel's Mist! What was that? Where was it coming from? I could sense one of us from a mile away, but this one was different. It vibrated on a different frequency.

I removed my sunglasses and studied the houses in the cul-de-sac. Perfect little houses with perfect little lawns. A curtain moved at a window across from the street then fell into place. And nosey neighbors. It was going to be excruciatingly painful to live here, but it was perfect. Andris was going to hate it. I grinned at the thought, relishing the look on his face.

I removed the piece of paper from under my biker gloves, checked the name and address, then sauntered down the driveway. The curtains across the street moved again and I hid a smile. The attention didn’t bother me. I was used to it.

The closer I got to the house next door, the stronger the vibes I’d felt became. The runes on a car in the driveway cinched it. One of us lived here. I pressed the doorbell and waited impatiently.

Then she appeared. A girl. A Mortal. Late teens. Wide and curious hazel eyes stared at me, the specks of green intensifying as her pupils dilated. Mortal reaction to my presence never failed to amuse me. Annoyance flashed across her beautiful face and I blinked. That was new.

The verbal exchange between us wasn’t important. I was busy trying to figure the girl out. Most girls tended to go dewy-eyed when I talked to them. Or they became tongue-tied. This one seemed… disappointed. What did she have to be disappointed about? The more we talked, the more it was obvious she didn’t like me. Interesting. I wasn’t here to play with a snarky Mortal, but this one might change my mind. After centuries, it might be nice to find one that was worthy of my time. She might even make this assignment bearable.

I found myself watching her lips move. The way light reflected on strands of her rich dark-brown hair. The way her eyes narrowed with a mixture of annoyance and determination. My eyes shifted back to her lips. Kissable lips. The energy I’d felt wasn’t from her, but it was around her. Whoever the energy belonged to was part of her life, someone close to her, which made her even more intriguing.

Her eyes followed me as I walked away. Just as I passed the car in the driveway, I saw the stickers on the back. The Trojans. Swimmer Girl. Hel’s Mist! Was she one of them, the reason I was in their little town?